Chamise Peak and the 3 Shasta’s

Redding, a community of less than 100,000, is surrounded by a developed network of paved and dirt trails. The Sacramento River runs through the middle of Redding in primarily a north to south direction. A paved trail from Shasta Dam to downtown Redding provides excellent commuting possibilities. There are many unpaved trails intersecting the Sacramento River Trail, as well as developed trails on nearly every side of town, giving residents many choices within a few minutes of their doorstep.

The Flanagan/Chamise Peak Trail is only 6 miles north of Redding, has smooth unpaved tread with a gentle climb perfect for running, beginner mountain bike riders as well as hikers. It is one of the many trails in the area designated for multi-use including equestrians. Elevation begins about 1,000′ and tops out at about 1,600′ in the 2.5 miles it takes to reach the summit.

It is the best place to view Shasta Dam, Lake Shasta and Mt Shasta. On a clear day, Mt Lassen is also visible to the east. The view improves dramatically when Mt Shasta is snow covered.

From Chamise Peak looking down at the Sacramento River/Keswick Reservoir south of Shasta Dam. Also visible is the paved trail on the west side of the river running from Shasta Dam to downtown Redding.

The colors of the season were evident on this mid October day

The manzanita bushes were full of ripe red and orange berries

An example of the trail, surrounded by manzanita trees and bushes, as well as a few pine trees

Signage on the trail is excellent!

Jan’s Tips:

(1) There is a picnic table at the top with a view of the three Shasta’s, a perfect place to enjoy a lovely lunch, dinner or full moon.

(2) See my Trail Links page for additional information.


2 thoughts on “Chamise Peak and the 3 Shasta’s

    • The nice thing about this trail is that there is plenty of shade, making it a good year around option. If I wasn’t already committed for Saturday, I would post a full moon hike to Chamise. Moon, rising is pretty early at 7:30ish, perfect for this time of year.

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