Lake Siskiyou

With such close proximity to Mt Shasta City and Interstate 5, I find it slightly embarrassing that I’ve not explored this easy access trail previously.

Wagon Creek pedestrian bridge, completed in 2010, makes  possible a 7+ mile loop around the lake.

Although the lake is quite low on this November day, it is pretty hard to complain about this stunning view.

Mt Shasta was visible in all her glory from many places along the trail.

Lake Siskiyou with the “thumb” in the background

I need to revisit this trail next October to enjoy the fall foliage. Looking toward Porcupine Peak (reference Porcupine Lake hike)

Along the trail, there is plenty of easy beach access, as well as conveniently placed picnic tables & benches.

Nice to see the beginnings of her white winter coat

Jan’s Tips:

  1. The trail is a work-in-progress, and is not very well signed. We started from the first parking area after turning south on WA Barr Road. The trail was easy to follow heading north from that parking area, across the bridge and around the north side until we reached the delta. I have since learned that there are seasonable bridges used from May-October in this area. We also had a difficult time on the south side from the marina through the campground and slightly beyond. You can’t really get lost as the lake is almost always in view and the trail roughly follows the shoreline.
  2. I was unable to find a good map. The best I could find is this hard to read, hard to print, satellite map, but it was better than nothing. I should have tested one of my phone apps.
  3. There seems to be very little information available on this trail in general, which I’ll attribute to the fact that it is still considered incomplete. The best resource I found was the Mt Shasta Trail Association web site. 11/20/13 UPDATE: Mt Shasta Hikes just added some good details to his page.
  4. This trail is shared between pedestrians, runners, cyclists and equestrians. It is very family friendly, with wide smooth trail in most areas and nearly no elevation gain. It is also on-leash dog friendly.
  5. With the many parking areas off of paved road, it is easy to walk small sections, enjoy a swim, a view of Mt Shasta, a picnic, a little bird watching, fishing, or whatever may suit your fancy. It is a great place to stretch your legs and give yourself a break when driving the long I-5 stretch.

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