Shasta Bally

To the north of Redding is iconic Mt Shasta at 14,180′, to the east is Lassen Peak at 10,463′ and to the west is 6,199′ Shasta Bally, all landmarks for those living in the 500′ valley.

Most notable are the many towers reigning guard; the most surprising is the amount of granite.

From the top of Shasta Bally, you can expect views of Mt Shasta, Mt Lassen and Whiskeytown Lake as you scan to the east. There had been controlled burns in the area on this day, thus the hazy sky.

To the west are views of the Trinity Alps

Jan’s Tips:

  • There is a little known area in the southeastern corner of the Park which deserves review. Included is Coggins Park, a primitive campground, and the unmaintained Shasta Bally Trail.
  • Reference my Trails Link page for additional information
  • Should you opt for the unmaintained Shasta Bally Trail, I recommend GPS as there is no signage and there are a couple of tricky turns.

2 thoughts on “Shasta Bally

    • I’ve hiked both sides. The road from Sheep Camp and this time from Coggins Park. It’s a little less than 7 miles one way and 3000′ elevation gain taking the trail out of Coggins Park. The road to Coggins Park is not always open so best to verify in advance.

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