Sacramento River Trail – Snow and BEARS!

Snow is a fairly rare sight in this city much better known for it’s 100+ degree summer days, but just like the green of spring, a blanket of white provides a magical canvas. Today I took an early morning jaunt to capture the trail from a fresh perspective.

One of the jewels of the Redding area, is the paved Sacramento River Trail which borders both sides of the river as it winds its way through the city.  Although the Sundial Bridge in the Turtle Bay area may be the most well known section of the trail, it is the many miles of river front trail with access near Caldwell Park that are the focus today.

Near the soccer fields, skateboard park and swimming pool at Caldwell Park

Looking east toward the Market Street Bridge

Diestelhorst Train Trestle


The Diestelhorst Bridge, the Court Street Bridge & the Diestelhorst Train Trestle.

Lots of trees along the trail, today heavily laden with snow.

From the Ribbon Bridge looking north toward Keswick Dam

Plenty of wildlife to enjoy include geese and ducks, turkey vultures, chattering birds . . .

A little snow also tells secrets otherwise unknown

One of my favorite pieces of art in the park, something both useful and interesting.


5 thoughts on “Sacramento River Trail – Snow and BEARS!

  1. Love the bear tracks and all the pictures. I am out of town and missed the snow. Thank you for sending a piece of home my way

  2. Snow is rare, s well as the bear tracks so near. I did have a bear encounter on my bike a short distance from Diestlehorst: right out of the bushes onto the trail, saw my bike and bike light (was an after work night ride) and took off running (away from me thank goodness!).

    • I have to say I was quite surprised to see so much evidence as I rarely see trace on the trail. Cool that you had that experience, but I’d feel some serious heart pitter patter.

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