PCT Section O – Rock Creek to Burney Falls

Within a mile of the very popular Burney Falls State Park passes the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

We made it a one-way trek starting at Rock Creek.

A slightly frozen Rock Creek, with a convenient footbridge for the PCT.

The Lake Britton Dam joins two sections of the trail.

Pit River as it depart Lake Britton

Crossing Burney Creek

Burney Creek, nearly frozen on this winter day.

Burney Creek ready to flow over Burney Falls

Burney Falls

The wind turbines dance along Hatchet Ridge

5 thoughts on “PCT Section O – Rock Creek to Burney Falls

  1. Great pics and great stuff! Love your outdoor passion! Thanks for posting the link in the 1000 mile challenge, always love seeing like-minded pictures and stories. Like that you include some maps and links. Well done!! Look forward to seeing more!

    • Thank you! I found the 1000-mile challenge really motivational last year so happy to share again. As for my my love of the outdoors, you are so very right it’s a passion! NCOA really made it possible for me to meet like minded folks who feel the same and now I’m happy to pass along some of that energy. I hope to add some of my prior trips as I have time, but mostly trying to enjoy the time I have and share as I can. I’d like this site to be a resource with links for trails and maps and a way to help backpackers make good decisions quickly. So much info to share, so little time to share it.

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