Lake Eiler – Thousand Lakes Wilderness

One of the lesser known areas near Lassen Volcanic Park is the tiny 16,000 acre Thousand Lakes Wilderness, assumedly named due to the many very small ponds and lakes, albeit no where near a thousand. As one can imagine, these ponds are mosquito magnets making visits to this area much more attractive during the fall and winter months.

Lake Eiler is the largest lake, with a back drop of Freaner Peak (not to be confused with Fredonyer Peak). I find the geology of this split mountain interesting.

Barrett Lake with a backdrop of (I believe) Magee Peak to the right and Fredonyer Peak to the left.

One benefit of winter hiking is finding out what critters share the trail.

Finding the beauty in the unusual on a winter day is another benefit.

Hard not to stop by Lassen on the way home, especially when lighting is good and it finally has a little white.

At this time of year, I’m normally snowshoeing Chaos Crags.

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5 thoughts on “Lake Eiler – Thousand Lakes Wilderness

  1. Made it to Mt Eddy on Monday. Normally can’t even get to the trailhead, but this year, easy drive, easy hike…..some frozen lakes about the only indication of a winter. Like your pics, very nice!

    • Thank you! Had another friend recently hike Mt Eddy also. She said road a bit icy and snowy, probably like elsewhere we’ve been this season. Great that we can get out and enjoy our mountains during the winter season.

      By the way, the photo on the heading of my blog is from the T at the top of Mt Eddy, taken in spring of 2012.

    • Just saw your photos on facebook. Very nice!!! I love seeing familiar areas in different seasons. I too love the sound of mostly frozen lakes and rivers. Sometimes a moaning and others a croaking.

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