PCT Section O – Ash Camp to Butcherknife Creek (near McCloud)

Not far from Lake McCloud (aka McCloud Reservoir) is the Centipede Gulch Trailhead offering easy access to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

From this trailhead, you can hike west toward the McCloud River, quickly passing Ash Camp which fronts impressive Hawkins Creek.

Hawkins Creek at Ash Camp

Foot bridge over the McCloud River

On the footbridge looking west down the McCloud River

Heading east on the PCT (from the Centipede Gulch Trailhead)

Gorgeous mature forest in this gulch

Plenty of shade, moss and soft surface trail gradually ascending toward Grizzly Peak at 6,252′

Fantasy rock formations with moss and ferns adorning them

One of the many small creeks we crossed; I’d be surprised if this one would be running in the summer.

One of the more active streams crossing the trail

Butcherknife Creek stopped us on this March day (which followed a few weeks of significant rain).

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5 thoughts on “PCT Section O – Ash Camp to Butcherknife Creek (near McCloud)

  1. Beautiful pictures! I just have to laugh when I see the picture of the bridge across the McCloud River as I remember the day in early 1978, before the bridge was built, when I was on the trail crew and we had to cross the river one morning when we were surveying that section. In other words, I began my morning a bit wet!

    • I so love that you worked on the trail and contributed so much to the enjoyment by me and others. That is really a special section. I really look forward to the opportunity to reconnect!

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