Rogue River Trail – Variety is the Spice of Life

While the Rogue River may be best known as a boaters paradise with 215 miles of wet and wild water, to the northwest of Grants Pass lies a hikers paradise, the 40-mile Rogue River National Recreation Trail. Wildflowers? Did someone say WILDFLOWERS?

There were thousands of yellow iris lining the trail.

Plenty of color and variety to keep the eye stimulated

Lots of bridges make for dry foot creek crossings

Mixing things up a bit.

Plenty of opportunity to cool off or filter some water, either in one of the many creeks, streams or the river.

Use your imagination of how the landscape would change if the river were 55′ higher.

Sand, much like snow, shares secrets of our wilderness companions.

Whisky Creek Cabin – Did you know Oscar Mayer had canned Wieners?

Zane Grey Cabin, pretty nice setting don’t you think? I’d be happy writing here.

Watch where you are walking . . .

This is NOT a flat trail (mileage is a bit off due to the GPS bouncing off of the canyon walls).  This is from Graves Creek to Quail Creek to Graves Creek.


Jan’s Alerts:

  • Poison Oak – If you are highly sensitive, this might not be a good trail option. While the trail is mostly clear, it’s hard to avoid the prolific poison oak along the trail, near the creeks, accessing side trails, camping, etc.
  • Heat – This is a HOT trail in the summer. Many of the streams are seasonal, much of the trail is exposed, and there are significant miles between beach access points.
  • Congestion – Once the river gets busy with boaters, the lodges open, and the crowds hit the beaches, solitude may be a challenge.
  • Ticks – Good to be aware that this is an area known for ticks.

Jan’s Tips:

California Ground-Cone (Boschniakia strobilacea)


10 thoughts on “Rogue River Trail – Variety is the Spice of Life

  1. Oh. My. Gooness. It’s springtime heaven!! I may have to plan a spring trip here next year with the camper. The flowers are out of this world – and most I’ve never seen before. That’s definitely something I would enjoy seeing after a long snowy winter!

  2. An “A”wesome trip with the “B”s….Beekeeper, Boots, Blazer,& Badger. what a delight to have met you and spent such a wonderful weekend with you Beekeeper! Yes, the Out n back was a delight…seeing new delights missed on the way in! I feel that way about most any trail, but this one especially held some special surprises. I may go on a thru hike with friends again soon, I loved it that much., Look forward to new adventures with you…more please.

    • The tribe of 4 B’s was indeed A-wesome!

      I can’t seem to get enough backwoods exploration time. I’m really looking forward to having the freedom to adventure full time.

      Looking forward to sharing more memories.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’m so excited to go do this in June! Little concerned about the poison oak as i sure don’t want to have it spoil the fun…. Maybe the rule of take only photos will apply and none will come home with us. Lol

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