Trinity Alps – Long Canyon Trailhead (07/14)

The majority of hikers use the Long Canyon Trail to reach the Four-Lakes Loop, as I did last September.

Long Canyon trail lined with Dr. Seuss flowers, aka Western pasqueflower (Pulsatilla or Anemone occidentalis).

If you are one of the few who enjoy route finding, hiking off-trail, bushwhacking, and scrambling, you’ll love the lakes hidden behind this ridge.

From Bowerman Meadow, looking up at the ridge sheltering the lakes.

Lake Anna

Billy Be Damned Lake

Sunrise at Lake Anna

Sunbeam reflection upon Lake Anna

Infinity image at Lake Anna


Jan’s Tips:

  • Reference my Trinity Alps Trails Link Page for maps, books, online resources, etc.
  • For travel in the Trinity Alps, I highly recommend having a GPS device. Except for the very popular, over-used trails, most other trails listed on the maps and in guidebooks are overgrown, filled with deadfall or scree, or are nearly non-existent. Some trails have been rerouted, with no updated reference on GPS. For example, on the Bowerman Trail, GPS showed we were on trail, but there was absolutely no evidence for at least a mile.
  • Additional blog postings about related hikes I’ve taken can be found in my Hikes in the Trinity Alps Wilderness category.

6 thoughts on “Trinity Alps – Long Canyon Trailhead (07/14)

  1. These are great pictures and I truly love your route selection. I loathe the dusty overused trails, Today I feel very appreciative that you are sharing views of a place that I knew existed but have never seen. Living in the Bay Area for seven years I “sampled” a lot of California but there is just too much splendor in one state. Since you live in far north California it made me remember three rain soaked days at Redwoods State Park or something like that. Everything wet and just shy of hypothermia. Didnt have much time to explore the towns of the far north but did love the Carson Mansion. A watercolor of it hangs on my wall. Thanks again for sharing this trip with all of us. Earl Williams

  2. I am so thrilled to be connected to this amazing group. ….it brings me home. ..”When the soul leaves the body, it always takes you home “….

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