Lassen – Brokeoff Mountain (10/14)

Along with Mount Conard, Pilot Pinnacle, Mount Diller and Diamond Peak, Brokeoff Mountain is a remnant of Mount Tehama, once 11,000′ high with a 13 mile girth.

Brokeoff Mountain is to the left, Mount Diller to the right.

From the top of Brokeoff Mountain, on a clear day you’ll have fantastic 360 degree views.

Looking northeast toward Lassen Peak

Far in the distance Mount Shasta, Black Butte and the Hatchet Ridge wind turbines.

Views on a full moon night (and this one with an eclipse and blood moon) are beyond memorable.

As the sun sets and the full moon rises, the mountains bask in glory.

As the moon sets and the sun rises, a new day is born.

It’s a nice steady climb to the top!

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