Colorado – Durango 101 (1/25/15-1/31/15)

I hadn’t anticipated a side trip to Colorado during this southwest exploration adventure. But when a door opened I said YES please!


A monument to celebrate the merging of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah


Colorado is called “Colorful Colorado” presumably because of it’s magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers and plains. (per

And when I was invited on a few snowshoes adventures of course I said YES please.

Trip 1Spud Lake

Spud Lake, CO

Trip 2Lime Creek

There was some deep powder at Lime Creek.

Trip 3Molas Pass

Even in the winter, Durango is an active community. We hiked and walked several trails including:

There is a very active hiking club in the Durango area for those 50+ called Seniors Outdoors (SO), currently about 400+ members strong! While I was visiting, a challenging snowshoe adventure was held with 19 members attending. Impressive!

With nearby Fort Lewis College, there are plenty of other opportunities to keep your mind occupied. For example they have a free Life-Long Learning series. While I was there, the college Environmental Center hosted a screening of the film, Wrenched, in celebration of Edward Abbey‘s 88th birthday. As a lover of the wilderness I was quite embarrassed to have not known previously of this environmental activist. His style was a bit too radical for my taste but I can see how sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed to motivate change. With this southwest trip, I’ve found a new beauty and am very glad that it was protected.

While I was visiting, the annual Snowdown winter festival was celebrated, with year’s theme Steam Punk. Watching the parade bundled for cold wet temperatures was a new experience for me. FUN? YES!

After a day of snowshoeing, we took a detour to the quaint town of Silverton. I learned many take the Durango-Silverton train deep into the wilderness areas during backpacking season for trailhead access. What a unique experience to be dropped off and picked up by a train.

The descent into Silverton, CO

Thanks to my outstanding hosts, Janet and Will, I experienced a great introduction to Durango. They were beyond fantastic! I can’t wait to return for a future visit and more exploration.

4 thoughts on “Colorado – Durango 101 (1/25/15-1/31/15)

  1. Hey Jan! I just read your comment on Mary’s blog RE: the Trinity Alps. I just spent a weekend there playing in the snow. It was great. The trail I went up was Long Canyon. I look forward to hearing about your trip 🙂

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