Colorado – Mesa Verde National Park (2/1/15)

My friend, Joan aka Rambling Hemlock, told me Mesa Verde ranks at or near the top of her list of favorite National Parks. With that kind of a recommendation, how could I not experience it for myself?

First view of the area as I drove up the entrance road to the Visitor’s Center (that’s a Mesa, right?).

You know how I love tunnels, so much fun to see what’s on the other side!

For me, it’s not all about the destination. Heavy frost and recent snow showcased a different kind of beauty.

Archeology 101

Ancient Pueblo Construction 101

I found this display very helpful and informative after my recent discoveries in Utah during my J&J WOW Adventures.

Many examples of these building techniques are showcased throughout the Park. The Mesa Top Loop drive provided easy access to a variety of Pit houses and villages. The main attraction open during the winter, Spruce Tree House, required a ranger-led tour guide.

Spruce Tree House

This 1/2 mile paved trail was oh so scary 🙂

Pit Houses and Kivas


Jan’s Tips:

  • During the winter, plan for at least 4-6 hours to view the open exhibits (remember it takes an hour to drive to the area from Visitor’s Center)
  • There is much more to see during the other three seasons. If you like history and archeology, plan your time accordingly.
  • If interested in exploring beyond the exhibits, there are quite a few hiking trails in the Park.
  • Links to other blog posts about my jaunts in Colorado.


3 thoughts on “Colorado – Mesa Verde National Park (2/1/15)

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