Utah – Zion NP – Angels Landing (2/3/15)

I love seeing things for the first time. I choose to limit my research of an area so my vision is unclouded by preconceived images, instead allowing my senses to be surprised by the awe of each moment.

Driving through the 1.1 mile tunnel made me feel a bit claustrophobic.

Angels Landing Trail

The first 2 miles is on a paved path to Scout’s Lookout, beginning from the Grotto Trailhead.

The largest section of trail is comprised of these fairly gentle switchbacks.

The next section was my favorite, Walter’s Wiggles, 21 tight switchbacks.

I loved it so much, I took this video of me running down the wiggles. Sadly I was too embarrassed among the many strangers to narrate, so it starts off quiet except for the sound of my pounding footsteps.

After reaching Scout Lookout, the fun begins.

The remaining hike is really a scramble up rock ledges, with chains anchored for assist at places.

and absent chain . . .

So much color and texture within the walls.


Jan’s Tips:

  • Consider an off-season visit. February was a great time, especially mid week, with fewer visitors and the ability to drive your own vehicle up the scenic road.
  • Don’t bother taking hiking poles for the Angels Landing trail as it’s paved until the scramble section.
  • I challenge you to find where the Hayduke Trail crosses through Zion NP.
  • Link to blog posts of other hikes I’ve taken in Utah

3 thoughts on “Utah – Zion NP – Angels Landing (2/3/15)

    • I headed back to explore further on the weekend and freaked as soon as I felt constrained in traffic. I skipped the scenic road and explore the middle of the park instead. Reminded me of my visit to Yosemite Falls last February. It’s a bummer for some of us when trails are loved to death and made too accessible. Oh well in this case glad for my timing. It was fun and memorable.

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