Arizona Trail – Passage 10 – “The Lake”

Dates Hiked: March 13-14, 2015 (Days 11-12)
Direction: Southbound
Passage 10: Redington Pass
-Gordon Hirabayashi Trailhead to Italian Trap
-Miles: 15.7
-Elevation: Low Point 3,863′, High Point 4,921′

Direction of Travel: Right to Left (Southbound)

It was a treat to resupply at Trader Joe’s in Tucson; exchanging my lightweight dehydrated food for fresh was a weight penalty gamble. Will a happy tummy fuel the climbs or will the weight turn me into a trudging Wombat, much as described by author John George Wood in Animal Kingdom, “the Wombat . . . trudges along at it’s own pace, with a heavy rolling waddle or hobble, like the gait of a very fat bear?”

Sure can’t complain about this kind of mid-afternoon lighting. 

Joan was ready for the rain, which eventually came as a few sprinkles. 

The landscape changed yet once again.

We enjoyed the free entertainment provided courtesy of the sky. 

My first campsite with a view. 

The morning after . . . .

Water was plentiful as compared to our much earlier passages, but no match for the previous couple passages. It was a relief to have the option to choose between a tank, green sludge, a creek, a spring or a LAKE. I’ll pick water filtered by flowers any day!

“The Lake” 

Seriously, I wouldn’t fib! 

I found a few new friends in this passage.

Some flowers aren’t so nice, like this thistle. 

But even less nice is this cat’s claw or shin digger type of agave.

At least we had someone looking out for us hikers. 

Sharing the Trail:

  • We only saw two mountain bikers on this passage. One told us about a mountain bike race on the AZT starting April 3rd.

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6 thoughts on “Arizona Trail – Passage 10 – “The Lake”

  1. Hi, loved following your blog and that of Joan. Have tried to comment to Joan, but for some reason my comment is never published. Just love your photos (both of you) such beautiful light on the landscape. glad to see that Joan has seen the light and it is better not to walk so far each day but to have time to let the wilderness seep into your soul. Just love what you write, and really appreciate your interest in and photos of the wildflowers. always my joy! I think you are amazing doing these hard hikes despite your problems from asthma. Well done! I would love to have the scenery and the long trails you lucky Americans have. As for wombats, you would be surprised at how quickly they can move! – Barrie in far off Australia.

    • Thank you for your comments and thoughts. I’ll let Joan that she needs to check her spam filter. I must truly be a wombat as I can move quickly as long it’s not uphill.

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