Arizona Trail – Passage 7 – Oh My Ears!

Dates Hiked: March 16-18, 2015 (Days 14-16)
Direction: Southbound
Passage 7: Las Cienegas
-Gabe Zimmerman Trailhead to Lakes Road
-Miles: 13.0
-Elevation: Low Point 3,437′, High Point 4,191′

Direction of Travel: Right to Left (Southbound)

Transitioning from the quiet desert to the sights and sounds of  Interstate 10 was like a thunder and lightning storm in my head.

I had to dig deep to hike an additional 3.5 miles after our long breaks at both La Posta and Cienga Creek today. But with the theme being TRAINS, PLANES and AUTOMOBILES, I was motivated to keep walking although the heat of the late afternoon sun sapped me of all energy. We finally found an area with both a sufficient cow shit free flat area for my tent and small trees for Joan to hang.

And enjoyed yet another pretty fantastic sunset. 

Shortly after setting up camp, we starting hearing gunshots . . . I assured Joan there must be a nearby gun range and certainly they’ll stop by dusk, which indeed they did. More disconcerting were the nearby ATV’s and the lighted mountain bikes riding the trail. Happily we were not disturbed during the night, and lived to hike another day. 

The trail passes under Highway 83

We are warriors of the tunnels! Umbrellas, hiking sticks and brains our defense against all unkindness.

It was a day to find beauty in the desert.We’d been told about a “beautiful large lake” not too far ahead. On our data sheet we only saw “Lakes Road” so presumed it would be on the other side of the road. As we approached the road, we were greeted with this vision.

Fooled once again by the term “Lake,” this was really part of “Twin Tanks” the cattle pond and our source for drinking water.

Not a bad place to hang out and rest while awaiting Joan’s parents who were taking us away for a much needed nero and zero.

Time to do laundry, definitely the dirtiest I think I’ve ever been.

And evaluate my desert war wounds. I was speared by yucca, pear cactus and jumping cholla, all on my left lower leg and foot.Treated to dinner in bed by Joan’s parents.

Efficiently completing all our town chores on 3/17, we decided to take 3/18, our 16th day, as a full R&R day. My body was grateful. Plenty of time to eat, drink and rest, and get ready for our next section with this hardy breakfast in bed (of course).

How could we not jump for joy, when once again it RAINED!

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4 thoughts on “Arizona Trail – Passage 7 – Oh My Ears!

    • These 300 miles were a good test. Such a variety of terrain and my feet stayed happy. Sure was nice to know all the years of trial and error with socks and shoes paid off.

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