Arizona Trail – Passage 6 – Then there were 3

Dates Hiked: March 19-20, 2015 (Days 17-18)
Direction: Southbound
Passage 6: Las Colinas
-Lakes Road to Oak Creek Canyon
-Miles: 13.3
-Elevation: Low Point 4,076′, High Point 5,246′

Direction of Travel: Right to Left (Southbound)

Dru aka Farwalker is a local with a passion for the area and for the Arizona Trail. Joan met her last year while they were both hiking the PCT.It seems mother nature was once again looking out for our water needs. We were pretty excited to see this large mud puddle near the beginning of this passage.

Good morning PINK!We were taking a break, sitting in the middle of the trail, when I glanced at these teeny tiny leaves fluttering among the grasses. The color and shape caught my attention, but I had no idea of the detail until I looked at the photos on my computer. Truly MAGIC! (My friend identified these as Fringe or Fringed Pods, an herb.)

Another very unusual find.

And yet another . . .

How can one improve upon this beauty?

Mariposa Lily 

The buds were exploding into blooms right before my very eyes it seemed.

Caterpillars littered the trail and greedily ate the available greenery while their butterfly afterlife flitted happily between the blossoms drinking the nectar. 

These lovely ladies think the Arizona Trail belongs to them. Don’t they know, it’s to be shared among hikers, bikers and equestrians . . . I didn’t see cows among the list.

The landscape changed once again and the skies billowed with dark clouds teasing the possibility of rain.

Indeed the skies opened and our umbrellas were happy to provide us with shelter.

Mud made for heavy feet.

We were ever so happy that we’d cached this gallon of water when we learned about our next water source. (P.S. Respect Leave No Trace and carry out any cached bottles!)

It rained hard during the night.

But we awoke to a blue bird morning.

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