Arizona Trail – Passage 4 – Attractions, Distractions or Attractive Distractions?

Dates Hiked: March 21-22, 2015 (Days 19-20)
Direction: Southbound
Passage 4: Temporal Gulch (Mt. Wrightson National Forest)
-Gardner Canyon Road to Patagonia
-Miles: 22.3
-Elevation: Low Point 4,068′, High Point 6,558′

Direction of Travel: Right to Left (Southbound)

There was more opportunity to continue learning about historic mining practices in the area.

Much more important to us were the 5 Star WATER sources!

We’d been dreaming of a rope swing over a cool refreshing river pool, but when one appears in the middle of the wilderness, who are we to question such trail magic?

Dru was ecstatic to see one of her old friends recognized as a Wildlife Tree (a conscious decision to save snags for local wildlife).

Original signs have a lot of character.

Our views continue to change, with rocky outcroppings beginning to become a prominent feature.

Rocks are nice too.

Rocky passages are even better.

Best of all are rock walls growing floral displays.

Or maybe rocks for playing hide and go seek?

Spring was in the air, with trees showing their GREEN.

Views of mountain distant . . . which ones shall we climb next?

Poppies are back!

I spy Patagonia

It was a LONG road walk, which I hear is to be replaced by trail in the not so distant future. That makes me happy as my body sure complained about the hard road surface.

In Patagonia, it was time to EAT


Evaluate my feet (A+++++)

Evaluate my shoes (please, just 50 more miles).

Plan our next resupply strategy with the best team ever, Joan’s parents and Dru’s husband. We were so spoiled!

Sharing the Trail:

  • Mr Furious, who I’d been looking forward to meeting as he’d commented on my blog about his quest north (still in search of his blog address)
  • Two young gals, Ash and Jen (missed getting their photo)
  • A large group of bikers out for a day ride
  • A couple wearing large sombreros and large packs
  • Hiker Box and Heart Breaker. Check out their blog and entry from the day we met.
  • Greyhound and Josh, Warrior Hikers. Our friend Sirena from the AZTA hiked from the border to Patagonia with them.

Tips and Resources:


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