Lassen – Bumpass Hell, Cold Boiling and Crumbaugh Lakes (07/15)

If one didn’t know better, the names of attractions at Lassen Volcanic National Park could be a deterrent, names such as Bumpass Hell, Devil’s Kitchen, and Boiling Lakes.

From the Bumpass Hell trailhead, it’s about 1.3 miles to this large hydrothermal area. You’ll know you are getting near when the strong rotten egg (sulfur) odor invades your nostrils. This area was named after Mr. Bumpass who lost his leg in 1865 when he broke through the surface of a scalding hot mud bank in an active geothermal area.

Bumpass Hell

Continuing down the trail, Cold Boiling Lake will be reached in 1.9 miles.

Hard to call this a lake (Cold Boiling Lake)

A pond adjacent to Cold Boiling Lake

The first body of water seen while hiking down to Cold Boiling Lake is Crumbaugh Lake.

Crumbaugh Lake

It’s about a half mile from Cold Boiling Lake to Crumbaugh Lake. Another option is to access this area from King Creek Picnic Area where it’s less than a mile to Cold Boiling Lake.

The wildflowers were blooming along the trail between Bumpass Hell and Cold Boiling Lake.

This huge active bee’s nest was using a corn lily as it’s host. 


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8 thoughts on “Lassen – Bumpass Hell, Cold Boiling and Crumbaugh Lakes (07/15)

  1. I was just there over the weekend. Took a heck of a fall off the trail from Bumpass to Kings Creek! I love it up there

  2. My family and I were in Lassen on July 1st; We hiked Lassen peak and the Bumpass Hell trail–wish we had time for more!. We were also in Yosemite and Devils’ Postpile right before you too (we spent two weeks in California for a family reunion and stayed the first week in Mammoth Lakes and the second at Lake Shasta). I grew up in Marysville, but have been living in Florida for a long time now. I used some of the trip reports and info from your blog (and Rockin’s) to plan day hikes during our trip. Thanks for your detailed posts, keep ’em coming!

  3. Wow, your photos again show a great eye for the very colorful flowers. We were on the Bumpass trail the sunny day before and were caught up in the scenic vistas and geologic wonders more than the botany. Now we will have to go again through the meadows and look down as well as up. Maybe I will have to bring a kid next time, as they tend to look down by their feet more instead of just at the distant peaks and alpenglow.

    • Thanks! There was a spring on the trail between Bumpass Hell and Cold Spring which hosted very tall wildflowers. I’m a vista type gal myself, but sadly on this day the sun was in the wrong place for fantastic photos of the mountains compromising old Mt Tehama. I’m glad to know this may be one of the best viewing areas to capture the array of all the peaks. I found the perfect location, just need better lighting.

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