Banff NP – Bow Glacier Falls (08/15)

Along the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park is Bow Lake. You can stop for a quick viewing, stretch your legs with a nice shoreline walk, hike to the falls, or if you’re more ambitious continue hiking to Bow Hut near the Wapta Icefield. What’s the difference between Icefields and Glaciers (Wikipedia Answer)?

At the far end of Bow Lake is the waterfall, my destination for this hike. I’d rank this as a fairly easy 6-mile round trip trek.

Flow from Wapta Icefields and Bow Glacier (another photo shows the merging of the two waterways).

Once past the lake, the trail gains a bit of personality.

The ACC Hut near the Wapta Icefield is up the left arm. The right comes from Bow Glacier via waterfall. Both feed into Bow Lake and then Bow River.

From left to right Portal Peak, Mount Thompson and Mount Jimmy Simpson (I could very well be wrong).

As I was leaving the overcast skies broke. I would have loved a little blue in my photos, but crowd avoidance was more important to me.

A few blooms of course, fresh from early morning showers.

Jan’s Tips:

  • It’s always good to go prepared with a Plan B; better yet, also with Plan C and D.
  • If you’re like me and prefer photos minus strangers, and quiet trails with more opportunity to see wildlife, especially during peak tourist season, GO EARLY. Even with this being a Plan B hike, I was at the trailhead by 8am. There were only a couple of people ahead of me, and no one at the falls when I arrived, but when I returned in the afternoon, there were probably 30-50 along the lake shoreline. This is a stop for the tourist buses.
  • When you’re done hiking, stop by the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge for a treat, located conveniently Bow Lake trailhead parking area. They also have lodging options.
  • Other lodging options:
  • A Parks Canada Pass is required.
  • Link to my other Canada blog posts.


Extra Credit: Crowfoot Glacier and the southern end of Bow Lake

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