Yoho NP – Emerald Glacier (08/15)

Want to see waterfalls, wildflowers, stunning mountains, glacial rivers and an Emerald Glacier? Then this just might be the hike for you. I won’t lie, you’ll earn these views with about 4,400′ in elevation gain and loss over 14.5 miles, with 2,000′ gained in the first couple miles (or you could reverse the loop to end with some serious descending and enjoy the benefit of crowd avoidance).

Takakkaw Falls invite leisurely enjoyment.

Daly Glacier feeds Takakkaw Falls

You can hear the crashing and roar of Takakkaw Falls as you climb from the Whiskey Jack Trailhead up to the Iceline Trail.

Distractions are good for me when climbing.

The views along the Iceline Trail were divine, including Emerald Glacier, the President Range, Whaleback Mountain and I believe the Waputik Range.

Emerald Glacier

Whaleback Mountain with Glacier Des Poilus (I think)

I believe this is the President Range. I’m not pulling your leg the mountains are named President, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer.

This little guy didn’t want to get off the trail. I think I scared the poo right out of it.

Laughing Falls – what’s so funny?

The creamy milk white of the Yoho River

Takakkaw Falls provides a welcoming roar as I returned via the Yoho Valley Trail.

Jan’s Tips:

  • Grizzly activity closes trails or requires groups of four to travel together. Therefore, it’s always good to go prepared with a Plan B; better yet, also with Plan C and D.
  • If you’re like me and prefer photos minus strangers, and quiet trails with more opportunity to see wildlife, especially during peak tourist season, GO EARLY. I started hiking around 8am and shared the trail occasionally with a few others. By the time I reached the Yoho Valley Trail, there were few instances of solitude. Since Takakkaw Falls are viewable from the parking lot, this is a stop for the tourist buses.
  • There are several on-trail lodging options: Twin Falls Chalet, Stanley Mitchell Hut, Twin Falls and Takakkaw Falls campgrounds, and Whiskey Jack Hostel.
  • Other nearby lodging options:
    • City of Banff
  • A Parks Canada Pass is required.
  • Link to my other Canada blog posts.


5 thoughts on “Yoho NP – Emerald Glacier (08/15)

  1. So nice to see such greenery, full lakes, waterfalls, even glaciers still. Rockies were green when I was there last month in the rain but almost forgot. Glad you had lots of sunshine.

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