Banff NP – Monarch Ramparts (08/15)

The Monarch Ramparts are the lumpy hills in the distance.

What are ramparts anyway? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (1) a protective barrier (2) a broad embankment raised as a fortification and usually surmounted by a parapet (3) a wall-like ridge (as of rock fragments, earth, or debris).

At Healy Pass you are rewarded with views of the Pharaoh Peaks.

On the east side of the Monarch Ramparts is a series of unnamed ponds/lakes and meadows. The haze is from wildfire smoke.

On the west side of the Monarch Ramparts is this chain of mountains, including Sugarloaf and the Pharaohs.

I believe this is Talc Lake.

I believe these are Scarab and Egypt Lakes

A glimpse at both sides of the Monarch Ramparts.

“The Monarch” is the exclamation mark at the end of the Monarch Ramparts. Below it is Eohippus Lake, my next destination.

Lake Eohippus

Lake Eohippus invites a swim

One of the unnamed ponds/lakes invites another swim

The Monarch Ramparts from another perspective

I’ve been told this is called Cotton Grass. There was a very small area maybe 3’x5′ within a very large meadow that contained these plants.

Western Pasqueflower (aka Dr. Seuss flower)

Jan’s Tips:

  • This was about a 17.5 mile trip with 3,800′ of elevation gain and loss. I started at the Sunshine Village parking lot, ascended the Healy Pass trail, traversed the Monarch Rompart ridge, descended through the Lake Eohippus meadow to Simpson Pass, finally reconnecting to the Healy Pass trail.
  • Grizzly activity closes trails or requires groups of four to travel together. Therefore, it’s always good to go prepared with a Plan B; better yet, also with Plan C and D.
  • If you’re like me and prefer photos minus strangers, and quiet trails with more opportunity to see wildlife, especially during peak tourist season, GO EARLY. This trail is definitely quieter than many but because a bus can be taken from the parking area to Sunshine Village, there are a fair amount of hikers on the Simpson Pass to Healy Pass section of the trail.
  • Helpful links:
  • A Parks Canada Pass is required.
  • Link to my other Canada blog posts.


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