WA – Olympics – Quinault Rainforest, Home of the Giants?

Are you really the largest Sitka Spruce in the world? 

Quinault Valley claims to be home to the world’s largest Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, and Mountain Hemlock. They’ve also set records in the US with the largest Yellow Cedar and Western Hemlock. Going in search of each would be a fun geocaching type adventure. This Giant Spruce sure has big feet. 

Lake Quinault’s National Recreation Trail parallels the lake’s shoreline.

The East Fork Quinault River Trail is popular with backpackers heading to Enchanted Valley but on this day I was headed to Pony Bridge, a normally short 2.5 mile jaunt from the Graves Creek Trailhead. But due to recent flooding and road damage, to reach the trailhead a nearly 3 mile road walk was required. Trees with their giant root balls took a tumble into the river, taking a bit of road with them. There were three areas that looked like this.  It’s going to take some serious engineering to fix this.

Can’t complain about a road walk when you have scenery like this.

This very old picnic table marks the first high point on the trail. In California I’m sure it would have been removed due to litigation fears. 

The water was that beautiful aquamarine color, and the canyon walls just luscious. 

The waterfall below the bridge on the wall of the chasm had me scampering down for a closer look. 

I found more charismatic mega flora. 

This female grouse decided to pose for me.

I learned this cuts are from old logging when they used platforms to reach higher sections. 

You know there’s serious flooding in this area when you see signs like these. 

Quinault Giant aka Sasquatch? 

Guess he just stumbled . . .

Date(s) Hiked: 5/12-13/16

Road Trip Day(s) #83-84


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