WA – Alpine Lakes Wilderness – Chiwaukum Circumnavigation (Part 3 – Trails 1570/1572/1571)

Links to Part 1 and Part 2

Although I was still on the Icicle Ridge Trail, sadly I was done with ridge walking.

From the junction of the Chatter Creek Trail (1580), trail maintenance became an issue. See the cairn? 

From the Icicle Ridge Trail (1570), I took the Index Creek Trail (1572) to the South Fork Chiwaukum Creek Trail (1571).

And then to 1591, North Fork Chiwaukum Trail.

This view provided an opportunity to look back at Cape Horn and Icicle Ridge. 

This aspen grove in Timothy Meadow was a highlight of this section. 

Old growth Aspen? Sure is a big trunk! 

Of course the many wildflowers and butterflies kept me distracted and were a bit of a reward for the hard work and lack of views.

Plentiful water helped balance out the negatives of these miles. 

From the junction of 1570 & 1580 (Icicle Ridge & Chatter Creek) through Index Creek (1572), South Fork Chiwaukum Creek (1571), North Fork Chiwaukum Creek (1591) all the way to Chiwaukum Lake, there were lots of trail finding opportunities. Between overgrowth, down trees, deadfall, and burned forests, the going was slow and challenging. The following two photos are examples of me searching for the trail. The brown dashed line is the map overlay of the trail (frequently inaccurate), the blue line with the arrow is me wandering about. The continuous blue/green line is a creek.

This episode of searching was by far the longest and most frustrating. I should have realized I needed to be on the other side of the creek earlier, but sometimes when you’re in the moment and especially when you see other shoe prints, it’s easy to keep going. One thing I did to try to help should I get injured was send out InReach signals whenever I was off trail for more than a few minutes. 

This section left me exhausted, battered and bruised. 

Link to Part 4

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