Jasper NP – Parker Ridge and Saskatchewan Glacier View

The Parker Ridge Trailhead is conveniently located just off the Icefields Parkway, east of Icefield Centre.

You’ll be rewarded with this view after about 1.3 miles of moderate effort. 

A side trail takes you to this viewpoint and provides for lots of wandering opportunities. 

The ridge provides another great view of the Athabasca Glacier and surrounding peaks. 

Oh how I wanted time to run this ridge, but alas since I was still recuperating from my tendonitis injury, I had to budget my miles. 

This permanent snowfield or glacier was a standout. If you look closely on the lower left edge, you might see what appears to be a person, but since it was still there an hour or so later I’d say unless it’s a frozen body, it’s something else. 

Another side trail provides for excellent views of the Saskatchewan Glacier. Sorry for the poor quality photos; obviously I did not coordinate with the sun.

The colors on this adjacent ridge were spectacular. 

I loved this “end of trail” sign. 

This was a great reminder of how NOT to solve a problem. 

Clearly this trail has been loved to death. This is a well-built switchback trail but many hikers have decided to shortcut the switchbacks. It appears that the maintenance crews first decided to resolve the erosion problem on these social trails with stairs. When that didn’t work they placed sign posts and barricades at every shortcut. Want to guess how many signs have been placed? I counted 75, and guess what, the shortcut trails are still being used. Clearly a better solution is needed.

Hike Details:

  • Date Hiked: 09/28/16
  • Mileage: 4 miles round trip (plus lots more exploration opportunities available)
  • Tip: Hike the Wilcox Pass Trail while in the vicinity




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