WA – Jack Mountain Circumnavigation (Part 5)

Links to Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

This trip was indeed not all about Jack nor the Devil. Enjoy this bonus post!

Trip Details

  • Dates Hiked: August 22-26, 2016
  • Mileage: Approximately 50 miles
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: Approximately 16,000′
  • Trail Conditions:
    • Day 1 – B+, only a few down trees and eroded trail
    • Day 2 – C, scree field and steep eroded overgrown trail near North Fork Devils Creek
    • Day 3 – A-, better signage needed for Deception Pass, Devils Pass shelter and Devils Pass spring
    • Day 4 – C, steep and dusty descending from Dry Creek Pass
    • Day 5 – B, not too many down trees nor overgrowth but could use some love
  • Solitude Factor:
    • Day 1 – two groups of 2 people each hiking out (one of the groups was day hikers)
    • Day 2 – two tents at the Crater Mountain junction, one solo hiker hiking loop in opposite direction
    • Day 3 – two at Devils Dome, two at Dry Creek Pass
    • Day 4 – too many to count, probably at least 20 going the opposite direction up to Dry Creek Pass
    • Day 5 – didn’t see anyone
  • Bugs:
    • Day 1 – no skeeters or biting flies
    • Day 2 – bees taking care of the flowers in the subalpine areas
    • Day 3 – zip except bees minding their own business
    • Day 4 – another bug-free day
    • Day 5 – zip
  • Precipitation:
    • Day 1 – a few light showers
    • Day 2 – zip, just some nice clouds
    • Day 3 – zip
    • Day 4 – another shower-free day
    • Day 5 – zip
  • Temperature:
    • Day 1 – 36 overnight low
    • Day 2 – 40 overnight low
    • Day 3 – 40 overnight low
    • Day 4 – 59 overnight low

Loop Direction:

The positives of hiking counterclockwise are the initial climb is much more friendly with better switchbacks, trail is shaded, water is plentiful, and camping is available sooner. The positives of hiking clockwise is using the ferry to cut-off 15 miles of trail, or getting the permitted section out of the way first giving you freedom of campsites the remainder of the trip.


5 thoughts on “WA – Jack Mountain Circumnavigation (Part 5)

  1. Such a great write up of your trip!
    Were you spending all day hiking or did you have a lot of downtime?
    I’m thinking about doing this loop, but was planning on using the water taxi instead of hiking the East Bank. We would be driving from Tacoma so I wanted shorter mileage the first and last day. Now that I see you did it in five days hiking the entire way, I’m wondering if spending all five days in the inland loop would be too slow of a pace for us. We would prefer to hike most of each day and not have a ton of time to kill in camp.
    Thanks again for sharing…this is the best description of the loop I’ve found!

    • I didn’t hike at brake neck speed and except for the day on Devil’s Ridge I didn’t have a ton of excess time but had plenty each day to lollygag, take photos, enjoy sitting in the sun, watching wildlife, etc. Never felt rushed.

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