OR – Strawberry Lake and Falls in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

My friends in the John Day area raved about the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, so when my travels found me on Highway 26 in northeastern Oregon, I knew it was my opportunity to explore yet another area.

My friend enticed me to the area with the promise of larch trees. 

I’d seen them turn yellow earlier this season, but seeing their reflection in an alpine lake was also on my bucket list. I was hopeful, but with an intermittent weather day, I wasn’t overly optimistic. 

Oh Mother Nature, are you teasing me? 

No second chances on a day like this. YES, larch reflection on Strawberry Lake! 

Strawberry Falls were quite a surprise. I didn’t anticipate such great flow this late in the year. 

Waterfall plus larch is a WIN WIN! 

Little Strawberry Lake was very green. 

The surrounding mountains were quite colorful, but with all that scree, not very hiker friendly. 

When the sprinkles turned to something a bit more serious, that was my cue to turnaround. 

I’d seen these plants minus their leaves when I was further north, so was pleased to see these lining the trail. 

Strawberry Lake welcomed me back with this scene. Oh my! Perfect light, reflection and composition. 

Hike Details:

  • Date Hiked: 10/10/16
  • Mileage: 7+ miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: approximately 2000′
  • Trail Conditions: Near excellent (gentle grade, no down trees, but a lot of deadfall in the forest, heavy use by horses, nothing too technical)
  • Solitude: Saw one couple near the trailhead
  • Bugs: None
  • Precip: Intermittent
  • Temp: Chilly and damp
  • Jan’s Cherry Picker Delight Scale: 4 cherries (out of 5)



6 thoughts on “OR – Strawberry Lake and Falls in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

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