CA – Death Valley NP – Mesquite Sand Dunes

Good morning! It’s 7am and all is good. 

It’s 7:30am. 

It’s near 8am.

We hiked around these dunes for 2-3 hours. What a great workout while watching the changing light. 

Date(s) Hiked: February 28, 2016

Road Trip Day(s) #9 out of 88

Jan’s Tips:

  • There aren’t any trails in the sand dunes. Pay attention or use navigation assistance to mark your vehicle location. It would be easy to get lost. Bring water. Go early or late. Sand has a reflective quality intensifying the heat. Be a kid, run down those slopes 🙂
  • I found the camping in Death Valley to be a bit challenging. I’m not a desert rat and don’t really like being packed into tight quarters with nearly zero privacy. Dispersed camping is somewhat limited if you don’t have an appropriate vehicle (ask for the map at the Visitor Center). I stayed at Stovepipe Wells CG and learned you can drive to the back of the RV spots for a bit of privacy and protection from the ever present wind.
  • Fill your tank before entering the Park. It’s a BIG park. There are a couple places in the Park to refuel if necessary, but of course you’ll pay the convenience price.
  • I found the temperatures uncomfortably warm even though it was only late February. Highs during the day were in the high 80’s low 90’s, nighttime temps were in the high 40’s to high 50’s. Shade was a rare commodity. I found myself hanging out at the Visitor Center when I needed a break. Another great option is the canyons or heading for higher elevation.


2 thoughts on “CA – Death Valley NP – Mesquite Sand Dunes

    • I do recall reading that and now that I’ve been there I have to chuckle about sex in the sand 🙂 When conception is in the wilds, you just know you’re growing a wild child. Love your life!

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