UT – Grand Staircase Escalante – Wahweap Hoodoos . . . geocaching for Paiute ghosts

If you want to find the statuesce overlords of Wahweap Creek, you’ll need to do a little research and some hiking. There isn’t a marked trail nor an official trailhead. You can obtain a map and GPS coordinates at the Visitor Center. Treasure awaits those willing to hunt. Wahweap means bitter water, which is quite descriptive of this alkaline wash one must follow to find the hoodoos. 

Spending the night under the watch of these massive sandstone sculptures was a special moment, not soon to be forgotten. But first I was gifted this magnificent sunset. 

Early morning view of the Riverside Cove hoodoos. I read that the Paiutes believed hoodoos were the remnants of people who were turned to stone. Were you once a Chief?

Hidden in the next cove was Hoodoo Central

The third cove is called Towers of Silence. It took my breath away.

Hoodoos weren’t the only treasure. 

Extra credit! 

Date(s) Hiked: March 31 – April 1, 2016

Road Trip Day(s) #41-42 out of 88


  • I parked in the 2WD parking area which made for about a 12 mile round trip hike.
  • Stop by one of the BLM Visitor Centers to obtain the latest information on trail conditions, etc. They had handouts on specific areas including rudimentary maps. I haven’t found a good topo map yet. The National Geographic Canyons of the Escalante and Paria Canyon maps both exclude this small section.
  • Permits are required in many areas, some for day use, everywhere for backcountry overnight trips.
  • Many roads require 4×4 or high clearance 4×4. Know before you go.
  • Beware of flash floods in the washes and heavy rains making dirt roads hazardous. Watch the weather!
  • Walk gingerly. Avoid cyptobiotic soil crusts which are fragile with lengthy recovery time.
  • Climbing on and around the sandstone features leave long-lasting impressions. Please practice LNT



3 thoughts on “UT – Grand Staircase Escalante – Wahweap Hoodoos . . . geocaching for Paiute ghosts

    • It sure has been fun exploring and adventuring. I’m looking forward to another season. So many more jewels in Death Valley and Southern Utah to discover before I head out to spend the summer traipsing through meadows, up and down new mountains, and swimming in alpine lakes. Then before I know it fall will send me seeking autumn colors and more discoveries.

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