UT/WY – Flaming Gorge NRA . . . flaming gorge•ous

It’s no secret that I prefer traveling off-season. After finding hordes of visitors during my recent visit to Goblin Valley State Park, it became apparent “off-season” in southern Utah had expired and it was time to move on. First stop, Flaming Gorge, a National Recreation Area straddling the Utah and Wyoming border. My exploration this trip was limited to the southwest corner of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. 

Red Canyon + Green River = Flaming Gorgeous! 

Watching storms develop and recede is a favorite pasttime, especially when you get lighting like this. 

There is a nice rim walk at Red Canyon Visitor Center. I spent the night nearby so I could enjoy sunrise and sunset views. This was my favorite viewpoint.  Enjoy the gallery as light changed.

Morning alpenglow 

Leaving Red Canyon, I traveled west along the southern side of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, stopping for views and mini hikes. At Moose Pond I didn’t find a moose, darn it! Still waiting to see my first moose in the wilderness.

These trees look like they’re ready for spring. 

The overlook on the western side of the gorge provides new perspectives. 

How can this be real? The Sheep Creek Spirit Lake Loop drive was well worth the detour. In the early season it’s closed due to snow after a few miles.

Nice to find sheep in Sheep Creek Canyon. Rocky Mountain Big Horn.

This looks like moose habitat. 

Colorful geology, oh yeah. 

Thank you for the signage. Visual learning is my favorite kind. 

Goodbye Utah for now. It’s been a grand season of adventures. I’ll be back! 

Linwood Bay, the site of the a town long buried when the Green River was dammed. 

Mother nature is so entertaining. Is that a funnel cloud?

Stateline Cove, like much of the shoreline, is open to dispersed camping. 

I was pretty excited for my first sighting of pronghorn. According to National Geographic they are the second fastest land mammal in the world, after the cheetah, attaining speeds of over 53 miles per hour.

What would you expect Jan to do when she sees this land mass? 

Of course she climbed it, in sandals no less. 


Date(s) Hiked: April 9-11, 2016

Road Trip Day(s) #51-53 out of 88


  • The Red Canyon Visitor Center is closed during the winter. You can obtain maps and brochures in Vernal if your traveling from the south.



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