WY – Wind River Range . . . just like fine wine, it’s not time

How in the heck did I end up in Wyoming in April? Well this happened . . . a weather episode on the Arizona Trail convinced me to move onward to Utah, where a people episode sent me high-tailing it north. No foul, no harm as I’d always wanted to see the big mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming sporting their winter coats of white. 

The communities of Pinedale and Boulder are considered gateways to the Wind River Wilderness and were a perfect place to spend a few days gathering information for my planned August visit. While in the area I spent some time out and about enjoying the shoulder season. First up was Fremont Lake, the second largest natural lake in Wyoming. 

I hiked Fremont/Skyline Road in search of a peek at the magnificent mountains of the Wind River Wilderness. 

I made it to the Scenic Overlook but was hoping to make it to Elkhart Park and maybe even to Photographers Point. Without snowshoes or skis that wasn’t going to happen. This would have been a treacherous hike without traction devices. At the lower elevations there was a fair amount of ice on bare pavement sections, where admittedly I took a slip and hard fall before I donned my YakTrax (yes my instinct told me to stop and put them on earlier). 

Half Moon Lake shows spring melt was in full swing.

Date(s) Hiked: April 11-12, 2016

Road Trip Day(s) #53-54 out of 88




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