WY – Grand Teton NP . . . storm’s a-brewin’

Iconic. Distinctive. Grand. These are the mountains of the Teton Range. 

It’s impossible not to be star struck. 

My visit coincided with big game migrations, including these fine looking elk.

I might be a little envious of the views enjoyed by the Cunningham clan.

I wasn’t the only one seeking warmth from the hide-and-seek sun. 

This is the Wyoming version of spring. 

Moody skies provide the best sunsets. 

In lieu of sunrise colors, I was gifted this soft early morning light. 

My first moose! 

The road to Jenny Lake is closed until May 1st. I took a nice stroll but might have preferred cycling. I was once again missing my snowshoes.

The big melt was beginning at Jenny Lake.

After the storm . . . 

Instead of problematic marmots, it’s foxes, but I never saw one.

It’s a new day. 

I found some Bighorn Sheep. 

Goodbye for now lovely mountains. I’ll be back when the trails are ready for hiking.

Date(s) Hiked: April 13-16, 2016

Road Trip Day(s) #55-58 out of 88


  • Skip the Jackson Visitor Center. You’ll find much better information at the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center In Grand Teton NP. Ask for the “best of winter” list if you’re there during winter/spring season.
  • Winter lodging options are fairly limited if you want to avoid Jackson. I stayed one night near Moran at the Fireside Resort RV Park, a dilapidated place in need of serious repairs. All the campgrounds in the NP were closed until 4/15, but they permit camping at the Colter Bay Visitor Center for $5 which I did one night. This is how I camp while traveling (55 nights in 2016). I removed the wide back seat in my Honda CRV and at 5’4″ I can sleep comfortably lengthwise. My Zpacks 10-degree bag has kept me comfortable, while the JetBoil stays busy making boiling water for my meals and beverages. Yes, I’ll be doing a post one of these days.
  • For crowd avoidance, watch the calendar for free admission week, which seems to be mid April.
  • Highway 89/191/281 is closed just before the South Entrance to Yellowstone (early November til mid May). The West Entrance on Highway 20 from Idaho is closed until late April.
  • The nearby National Elk Refuge is a great place to view wildlife. 




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