WY – Yellowstone NP . . . it’s a different kind of spring at 44.9769° N, 110.6991° W

It’s April, I’m hanging out in Jackson waiting out a spring snowstorm. I’ve spent the last few days in the Tetons and am planning my route to Glacier when I learn the West Entrance to Yellowstone is opening the next day. I still have lingering nightmare memories of my one and only trip through the park about 15-20 years ago. August! Dare I say more. All I remember is the horrific line of traffic waiting to gain entry, bumper to bumper once in, and miles and miles of toothpick forests from the 1988 fire. Now that it’s off-season I’m excited to replace those images with my favorite off-season kind. 

One of the places I explored was Yellowstone’s version of the Grand Canyon. 

Lower Yellowstone Falls was an impressive sight with snow melt in full swing. 

Upper Yellowstone Falls

Hard to capture the colors at Artist Point in this light.

Icebox Canyon lived up to it’s name.

Frozen waterfalls. 

Undine Falls is reached via the 8-mile round trip hike along Lava Creek. 

Date(s) Hiked: April 17-19, 2016

Road Trip Day(s) #59-61 out of 88


  • The only campground in the park open during the winter/early spring season is Mammoth
  • Come prepared with grizzly bear spray or buy at Visitor’s Center upon arrival
  • Microspikes or YakTrax are a good option for early season travel.



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