Me and My CRV – the Ah Sh*t Moments

If you don’t laugh, you might cry . . .

There was a mouse in my house!

Expensive cup of coffee

That was an expensive cup of coffee

I got screwed

After a near miss . . . on a remote beach . . .

Dinner with an unexpected guest

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11 thoughts on “Me and My CRV – the Ah Sh*t Moments

  1. After a week of backpacking up into Berg Lake,Mt Robson Provincial Park, Canada, we found a mouse had chewed through our snacks when we returned to the trailhead! Luckily nothing essential was gone, but the initial panic to tear everything apart and find the mouse was quite amusing afterwards.

    • That’s exactly how I felt. I was extremely lucky as I had a week of backpacking food in that green bag. He made holes in several ziplock bags but only gained entry into one package. He ate a bag of corn nuts which seemed to satisfy his appetite. I also later found a candy he’d eaten under one of my seats.

      I set traps before leaving my car parked for another week. Thankfully I was leaving car at a friend’s house and had her check it daily. No captured mouse and no further damage or evidence. Whew!

      I think this one got in when I left my sunroof open one night while camped next to a river in Washington. I have vague memories of being awoken by that scratching sound. URGH!

  2. The border patrol made me think of a funny day. My friends and I were birding along the Cali/Mexican border and with highway birding, sometimes you’re going a little too fast to see that bird on a fence post or in a tree, so you brake hard, back up or make a quick u-turn, to see what it was. Meanwhile, as you are just getting good looks at that “lifer” or ready to take a picture of the perfectly posed bird……..the unexpected visitor pulls up, the bird flies away, never to be seen again. Grrr!!! We made contact, actually, THEY made contact with us 6 times on that stretch of highway between San Diego and Yuma. They have eyes everywhere!

    • This was up by the Canada border. I was at a PNT trailhead.

      I had a scary experience that night. Usually I’m quite a soft sleeper. But on this night I awoke when a vehicle was turning around near my car. They’d made it all the way up the road without waking me. It was a civilian vehicle but I wondered if it was the officer getting off duty checking on me . . . or if this is a routine drug transaction zone . . . .

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