HELP Readers, I’m in search of early Spring

After spending the early season in the desert the past couple of years, I’m craving my version of spring complete with green grasses, wildflowers, waterfalls, and butterflies. 

Where o’ where shall I jaunt?


March through June


Western United States


Day hikes, multi-day overnighters, 50-100 mile loops would be rad.


Cherry Picker Delights!

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12 thoughts on “HELP Readers, I’m in search of early Spring

  1. I have a friend who loves Oregon’s Rogue River trail at that time of year. I can’t vouch for it myself…
    I know there are shuttle services for a fee, as it doesn’t work as a loop.
    Hope you have great adventures!
    Mine begins April 19th, PCT Nobo from Campo 😳

  2. It’s a high desert environment, but green with wild flowers late April-early May. Hot and dry after that. It’s been a very wet winter, so it should be verdant this spring. That being said, it might be too similar to the desert environment you’re trying to get away from this year.

    • Thank you, do you have specific recommendations within the canyon? When I did a google image search the areas that looked appealing were Imnaha Canyon, Spring Creek Canyon and Seven Devils. I appreciate any additional insider info.

      • I’m most familiar with the Hells Canyon National Rec Trail between Pittsburgh Landing and Granite Creek, which is ~28 miles one way. You can do an out-and-back or make arrangements for a jet boat pick up at Granite Creek. Most people park and start at the Pittsburgh Landing TH (there’s a small CG nearby), then hike ~6 miles and camp at Kirkwood Ranch the first night. Option to explore the small museum and take a short walk to the historic “Carter Mansion” in the evening. A good second day objective is the old Sheep Creek ranch site ~11 miles upstream, with nice camping. Third day hike ~11 miles and camp at Granite Creek. Numerous opportunities to explore old mine workings and homesteads along the way and near campsites.

        Some good info, photos and resource links here:

        I’ve heard good things about Imnaha and Spring Creek, but haven’t hiked them yet. The Seven Devils aren’t accessible until summer.
        Hope that helps!

  3. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in March (yes it is green)
    Texas Hill Country in April
    Olympic National Park in June

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