ID – Zeno Falls in Owyhee Canyonlands

What do you do when you reunite with a friend who loves waterfalls? Why of course you go on a crazy adventure is search of none other than a . . . waterfall!

According to Wilderness.Org,

The Owyhee Canyonlands span southwest Idaho, southeast Oregon and northeast Nevada. They are among the most remote areas of the continental United States. Sagebrush and juniper cover the dry desert grounds, which rise up into beautiful mountains, hoodoos (tall thin rock formations), natural arches and river canyons. 

My friend Norma has a book of best waterfalls in Idaho and she’d flagged Zeno Falls as one she wanted to visit. It takes research and determination to find the trailhead. This beautiful display of wildflowers greeted us as we neared our destination. 

Zeno canyon is rugged. I missed taking a photo of the first section where surprisingly we were near a spring with lush vegetation and boggy terrain. There isn’t a trail and it took us a bit to find our way up and around this section.

Those are aspen trees at the top of the canyon. That was another pleasant surprise. First views of the waterfall. 

My friend had knee replacement surgery in early January. I figured this viewpoint would be our turnaround spot. As I explored she was resting and taking in the grand views. 

But no, she was determined to get a better view. Using the booty-scoot method, she successfully slid her way down this scree field. 

Once down though, there was too much vegetation to get a full view of the waterfall. A better view could have possibly been obtained by continuing further down to the creek but that was definitely pushing her limits, so we made the right decision and said no for today.

My GPS track was corrupted, so sadly I’m unable to share mileage or ascent/descent stats.

I have to share my latest find. Touchnote offers both web and phone app options where you create postcards, they print and mail. This has been a game changer for me. More expensive than buying a postcard and stamp, but getting to use my own photos with a legible typed message is worth it. My mom has early dementia and she forgets I call, but has all my postcards laid out on her table as reminders.













Date(s) Hiked: April 29, 2017

Spring 2017 Road Trip: Day 62 (out of 78)




One thought on “ID – Zeno Falls in Owyhee Canyonlands

  1. Hey Jan! Glad to see you did some back country off the beaten path exploring! Even tho there technically was a trail, it looks pretty off trail to me! Love the postcard app, might have to try it myself.

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