Summer/Fall Jaunting 2017

July couldn’t come soon enough. I was impatient but knew snow would be a problem in the areas I had on my agenda. Although I didn’t return home from my spring trip mid May, I wanted to explore the high elevation mountains bookmarked for summer travel. With my favorite local haunts inaccessible due to the 2016-17 snowpocalypse, all I could do was wait . . . patience is not my strong suit. But once I got the green light, off I went. This trip met and exceeded most expectations. What a wonderful way to spend a summer and fall. Staying fairly current with my blog made it even more pleasurable.

Length of Trip:  93 days (July 16 – October 18)

States Visited: 4 (Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming)

Miles Driven: 6,412 (averaged 69 miles per day, 25.9 miles per gallon, cost was around $700 at $2.50-$3.00 per gallon)

Activity Days: 52 (averaged 4 days per week)

Night Spots:

Slept in Car (42 nights, with only 2 in campgrounds)

Tent (37 nights, all while backpacking)

Friends/family (7 nights, special thanks to all who hosted me)

Paid Lodging (9 nights)


Wind River Mountains

Grand Teton National Park


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Colorado National Monument

Colorado Trail

Lizard Head Wilderness

San Juan National Forest

UTAH Jaunts:

Bears Ears National Monument

La Sal Mountains

NEVADA Jaunts:

Great Basin National Park

This smiles says it all. Making lots of deposits into my books of memories. Living life and loving it!

4 thoughts on “Summer/Fall Jaunting 2017

  1. Good job on the summary. I haven’t seen anyone else as organized as you when presenting backpacking-related information. Now all of us out here in Webland have both the individual posts and an index to your whole year to boot. I want to be like you when I grow up. I do, I do, and I’m going to start right after lunch and maybe a nap.

    • Ah thanks, you’re the best! Now if only I can finish my spring trip posts. I think I only posted Idaho. I also need to fix some of my gear pages. I was revising and took down some important elements such as packs . . . but then got distracted. I’d like to finish that section again. As to the organization, that was my forte’ in my professional life and just comes natural. I’ve also been of the mindset if you’re going to do something you need to do it right, and to me that means better than “good enough.”

      But . . . adventure must come first! I can always catch up on the blog when I’m sick, injured or otherwise bound from adventure.

      Cheers and happy holidays!

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