CA – PCT Section P – Mt Eddy view of Mt Shasta

These gals needed some time on the PCT. I think you can see why my friend Jill’s trail name is Bright. She’s a ray of sunshine!

After spending the previous night on Castle Peak and enjoying a relaxed hike back to the trailhead, we traveled the short-distance to the Gumboot Trailhead.Our first night was spent at Porcupine Lake. Although it was late October and quite chilly, we were joined by a group of three guys planning to summit Porcupine Peak in the morning. Those sunset colors were insane!

The next day, we hiked north toward Mt Eddy. Not to be outdone, Mt Shasta kept her presence known. 

The geology of the Klamath Mountains, of which Mt Eddy is a part, is unique and has been studied extensively. College of the Siskiyous has published an excellent paper titled, “Geologic Overview of the Eastern Klamath Mountains” for those curious (related link). Jill is a bit of a geology nerd and pointed out a few things like intrusions and serpentine.

Serpentinite, produced by the metamorphism of basaltic oceanic rocks, and intrusive rocks of gabbroic to granodiorite composition are common rocks within the Klamath terranes. Source: Wikipedia

In the summer Deadfall Lake (aka Middle Deadfall) is usually a busy place but on this late fall day, we had it to ourselves. 

Upper Deadfall Lake at sunset. 

The summit of Mt Eddy was our first destination the next morning. 

Let’s find the 9,000′ summit. 

Nothing marks success quite like a summit marker. 

Jill’s great idea. We both found it a little challenging to get both the marker and the mountain in focus. 

Such a tapestry of textures, shapes and colors to the north. 

To the south is Castle Crags, recognizable by the pointy spires, but mostly hidden within the smoky blue ridge mountains (due to controlled burns). 

To the west is Mt Shasta dwarfing Black Butte. While exploring this tongue, I noticed a hiker over on the next ridge and discovered a route leading the way. I didn’t have time this day, but I’ll be back to explore that area. 

This is about where my blog banner photo was taken. 

Looking west into the Upper Deadfall Lake basin. 

We choose to spend the night with another view of Mt Shasta. Goodnight my lady . . .

Good morning from the PCT! 

Hike Details:

  • Date(s) Hiked: October 27-30, 2017
  • Distance: About 30 miles round trip


3 thoughts on “CA – PCT Section P – Mt Eddy view of Mt Shasta

  1. Awesome!
    My son and i did a drive-by. Thanks for adding to my vicarious details of beauty!

    Which direction are you going, Jan? North or south? I loved the state of Washington, and want to live there–in my next life, maybe. But/anyway, I hope you get a glimpse of Crater Lake in Oregon. My #2 fave visit next to Grand Canyon.

    • This was just a few day outing. I’ve hiked about 1000 miles on the PCT including about 400 miles in WA. I’ve been to Crater Lake several times and agree, it’s a spectacular place. A couple years ago I backpacked down into the Grand Canyon.

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