2017 – Where Did Jan Jaunt?

Map Notes:

  • Links to blog posts can be found by clicking each pin. My summer/fall posts are current; sadly I haven’t completed most of my spring posts (with the exception of Idaho).
  • Use +/- buttons to zoom for more details, or click on bracket in top right corner to open in full screen mode. The window looking icon in top left corner shows the list of hikes.
  • Map Legend:
    • Orange is Winter/Spring 2017 trip (78 days)
    • Purple is Summer/Fall 2017 trip (93 days)
    • Blue is other 2017 wanderings
  • This is my first time to use the map format in my annual review post. Please let me know what you think!

2017 Factoids:

  • 173 days spent OUTSIDE hiking, walking, snowshoeing, etc.
  • 51 nights spent in my tent
  • 85 nights spent sleeping in my car
  • 15,000 miles driven
  • 1,500-2,000 miles hiked
  • 20,000 blog visitors (WOW!)

Travel Summaries:

Miscellaneous 2017 Posts:

Popular Posts:

2018 Goals:

  • More time in Colorado, including possibly hiking the Colorado Trail
  • Late winter/early spring trip to include Southern California, Southern Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and possibly Texas.
  • Time in Glacier National Park is still high on my list
  • More J&J adventures
  • More PCT and CDT adventures
  • Possibly fall in the Sierra; maybe early summer on the Tahoe Rim Trail if this continues as a low snow year.

Backpacking Gear Choices:

Clothing Choices:

Specialty Gear:

Car Camping/Travel Gear:

Disclosure: Some items include Amazon Affiliate links where I might get a small financial kickback if you buy through the link.

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