CO – Wolf Creek Pass, Snowshoe to Lobo Overlook

After a day spent in reverie while visiting the Ancestral Puebloans at Chimney Rock National Monument (link to related post), I found myself traveling northeast on CO-160 though Pagosa Springs and onward to Wolf Creek Pass where an opportunity for snowshoeing with views awaited.

Although the winter season was ending, there was still plenty of snow for me. 

I was happy to find someone had broke trail. It had a crusty top with deep powder below. 

Well that didn’t last long. Less than 1o minutes later my trail breaking buddy gave up. Breaking trail is quite a workout; I found the road grade plenty challenging.

I almost gave up before reaching the tower. Powder conditions and elevation of over 11,000′ was wearing me down. 

The views from the Continental Divide were outstanding. 

There’s my car! In the above photo you can see the pull out whereas the below photo is on zoom. So sad to see so many dead trees.

It’ll be a while before you can use this restroom. 

Hello little friend. You make such cute toe prints. 

I love shadow art. 

There were a few places with wind slab avalanche danger. I’m grateful for my avalanche awareness training and experience. 

I gave up on the road as I neared the top, then took the fast way down.

Snowshoe Details:

  • Date: April 7, 2017
  • Mileage: 4 miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 1,100’/1,100′

My Snowshoe Gear:


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