DIY – Increasing the Length of my Sleeping Bag

My sleeping bag is sized to go to the neck. My preference is the option to sleep with it over the head (yes, I know about the condensation issues). As suggested by the manufacturer I ordered up a size to accommodate that preference. Well since there was only a few inch difference and I was at top of height, it was insufficient (duh, why didn’t I measure?). I’ve always struggled with this issue. My friends recommended buying a new bag as I’ve certainly paid for this one many times over with the number of nights I’ve slept in my bag. Well, that’s just not my style. When an item is still in perfectly good condition, I don’t see any reason to upgrade. 

I was excited when I finally came up with the perfect solution!

After using the down skirt I’d made from a CostCo down throw (related post link), I found it much too long. 

So I removed the bottom two rows and added them to my bag. WOW, what a difference those 9 inches make! I sleep so much better, and I don’t feel stuffed into the foot box. Yes there’s a slight weight penalty but do I care? Nope! As a side note, I removed some of the bulk from the skirt which offset some of that weight gain.

I’ve also semi converted my bag into a quilt by adding a snap closure at the neck. It’s been a good way to see if my next bag will be a quilt. The answer is a resounding YES! 

Sometimes little accidents happen. What do you do? Replace the bag or repair? 

I applied this tenacious tape patch a couple years ago. It’s still holding strong even after a few times through the wash. 


6 thoughts on “DIY – Increasing the Length of my Sleeping Bag

  1. Really like this Jan, every time a tuck under my quilt I think the same thing….. condensation. but I will let it dry out. 😛 I went back to read you post about the skirt and leggings, I have a couple of CostCo throws, going to see if I can sweet talk my sister into making me leggings, I get cold calves.

  2. Nice job making the sleeping bag work for you. I also respect that you are using what you have and not just going and and buying something new. Small steps to living more sustainably, but they sure add up.

    I have to confess I haven’t made the down pants and skirt with the costco throw you brought me last time, but I DID take the down throw along last weekend and I used it as an extra layer over my sleeping bag to keep my legs warm. I was so glad I had it because the forecast called for temps into the teens. No messing around.

    • I have another one I use as an extra layer in my car and as my emergency blanket. I also used it that time we got to have luxury car side camping with giant pillows and all. They are awesome regardless of redesign.

      There has been quite the movement in the UL budget community with these throws. Some are removing some of the stitching and using the down from a second throw to make one warmer quilt. I’ve also seen them made into hammock underquilts.

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