DIY – Custom Phone/Camera Case

Finding the right size pouch to attach to my backpack shoulder strap proved impossible. I wasted so much time and money searching for and trialing a variety of products. Finally I gave up and decided to make my own. 

Version #1:

I made this version a few years ago combining two pockets off an old backpack waistbelt. It worked well until the end of last year when one of the zippers starting failing. When I got a new larger phone, it was time to make a new case.

Version #2:

I used an old stuff sack to beta test a new version. It worked okay but a few revisions were needed. 

Version #3:

I started with a dry sack. 

To maintain the integrity of the dry sack, I used tape instead of pins to test fit and prepare for sewing. 

At the bottom of the sack, I ran an elastic cord to provide a little stretch but security for the camera section. 

I found on my previous beta version the divider between the camera and phone sections needed some stiffness. I had a sheet of plastic on hand so I cut it and sandwiched it between two pieces of silnylon. 

I cut the dry bag and covered the raw edges with bias tape prior to adding the orange stabilizer piece. The phone would go in the slit with the orange piece on top. The right end with the elastic cord would fold up and become the camera slot.

I attached two pieces of cross-grain ribbon to the back as attachment points to my backpack shoulder strap. I also added a loop on the top for an s-hook, another pack attachment point.

I attached velcro to the ribbon. I found the sew-on variety works best.

I overlapped the edges to create the phone pocket.

I attached sew-on magnets for the closure and completed the camera pocket. 

Initial finished product. 

After testing it, I quickly found the flap was too large. I removed the black strip and logo, reshaped the closure end of the bag and now have a product that is working quite well. It’s not 100% waterproof, but it’s better than most. I have quick and easy access with the magnetic closure. The elastic camera section is secure and allows me to leave the flap open without the camera tumbling out. The phone is also secure but can be removed quite easily. Note: magnetic closures can cause reverse polarization with your compass so be sure to maintain adequate distance.


3 thoughts on “DIY – Custom Phone/Camera Case

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