CA – PCT, a Walker Pass Jaunt

Leaving Sequoia and Kings National Parks (link to related post), I continued south. I’d always wanted to explore the Kern River Canyon, so I drove Highway 178. I’d selected a couple potential campsites with knowledge I was starting my drive around 4pm, much later than I’d like. I hadn’t gotten far when I came to stopped traffic. 

I don’t like to drive at night, and I would never choose to drive a road like this in the dark, but circumstances seemed to favor otherwise. This was not where I planned to watch sunset. 

Finally a couple hours later, the semi accident was cleared. 

I drove through the canyon . . . in the dark . . . missing all views while feeling extreme anxiety and stress. I found a place to camp, saw the full moon rising for a few minutes before it was obscured by clouds. Rain came during the night. I continued my drive toward Lake Isabella in the morning, hopeful that maybe this glimpse of sun would win. 

By the time I got to Walker Pass, the skies had cleared. I’d call that a WIN! 

Blue sky one direction, rainbow another. That’s a great way to start a hike! 

Who doesn’t like rainbows? Are these sycamore trees? They are a bit Dr. Seuss-ish.

When there are rainbows, you might as well expect rain. 

Look at how pretty. 

When it was time to turnaround, I was greeted with another rainbow. 

I was surprised and delighted by the variety of vegetation. 

These dried orange flowers really pop in the winter landscape. 

My first Joshua trees. 

I hiked south a few miles starting from the Walker Pass Campground (Mile #651 per Halfmile). 

Adventure Dates:

  • March 1-2, 2018


2 thoughts on “CA – PCT, a Walker Pass Jaunt

  1. We lived in Ridgecrest for a few years, and with family in Bakersfield, we crossed 178 a handful of times. I am positive we stopped at the crest, because that sign looks mighty familiar. Glad you finally got out to explore!

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