CA – PCT Hikin’, Tehachapi Style!

I continued my southern progress after a bit of a jaunt on the PCT at Walker Pass (link to related post) meeting up with my good friend Christy (aka Rockin’ of Lady on the Rock) where I got to participate in their Friday night hike-for-wine and sunset adventure. Photo credit: Christy

The next morning Christy and I prepared to hike the PCT at the Oak Creek crossing (Halfmile Mile 558). Photo credit: Christy

As seasoned hikers, we weren’t going to let a little wind and rain stop our hike. 

Tehachapi has a reputation of being windy, as evidenced by the wind turbines. 

Christy said the canyon was filled with beautiful trees before a big fire. 

Salad would not have been my choice on this brisk, breezy, wet day . . . but hey why not? And might as well bring the weight of heavy glass dishes. Lucky us, we found SUN minus wind, and enjoyed our lunch. 

Hiking in crazy weather is more fun with a friend! Photo credit: Christy 

That night the rain turned to snow. We had grand plans of snowshoeing, but when we found the road closed, Christy had a good Plan B. 

We departed the nature trail in favor of a lumpy up and down adventure. Christy says, yep, this is where it starts. 

The trees were beautiful. 

Spoiled with a table for lunch. 

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful friend. Photo credit: Christy 

We found a few visitors. Snow holds no secrets. 

Adventure Dates:

  • March 2-4, 2018


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