UT – Parowan Gap . . . sometimes you just need to chill

With rain imminent and my windshield wipers giving me warning signs of failure, after my colorful geology adventure in Dixie National Forest, I prioritized the repair and returned to St George. Well long story short, they didn’t have the part and couldn’t get it for several more days. Watching the storm at Gunlock State Park improved my mood. 

So once again I gambled and continued on my way. I drove to Cedar City. Thankfully only a little rain and wipers behaved. I hung out in town for a few hours working on blog posts and photos. Soon enough snow started piling up. When the storm took a breather, I decided I best make a run for it. I didn’t really have a plan but landed at Parowan Gap. Despite the cold temps, it had stopped snowing so I decided to explore. 

The rocks are so uninspiring . . . until you look closer. 

Extra Credit: colorful geology! 

Ah, is the storm over?

Nah . . .

It might have been a little chilly during the night. I’m always thankful for  a warm sleeping pad and bag. 

I was also thankful for my JetBoil which gives me a hot cup of coffee and cereal, as well as provides me with a hand warmer. 

It was a pretty morning. 

If it wasn’t so cold, maybe I would have explored this exhibit a bit. 

Adventure Date(s):

  • March 15-16, 2018



  • Check out the community of Parowan for eats, treats, etc.



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