NM – Pecos Wilderness, Winsor Trailhead

WHAT??? Joan got waylaid on her way to Georgia and found herself still in New Mexico so guess what, yep we got to play together again. YES, that’s J&J adventure #3 for 2018! 

Neither of us had hiked in the Pecos Wilderness so we were anxious to explore. I’d gathered information on trail conditions from the Ranger Station in Pecos, at least the areas to avoid; NO is written on several areas of the map. After eliminating those areas we decided to start with a lollipop loop beginning at the Winsor Trailhead and hiking Winsor National Recreation Trail #254, to Lake Katherine on Skyline Trail #251, to Santa Fe Baldy, to Stewart Lake and finally returning on Winsor Ridge Trail #271.

At 11,742 Lake Katherine was still thawing from her long winter’s rest. 

That ice didn’t stop Joan, the ever intrepid swimmer. 

Are your teeth chattering or is your smile frozen? 

Nothing like a climb to find Santa Fe Baldy to ward off any chill from that icy swim. 

Boulder field and cairn route hiking is fun, right? 

It’s also fun finding your way through the snowfields. 

Oh but the rewards! 

12,622′ Santa Fe Baldy success! 

Or not, ha ha false summit. Come on Jan, you’ve got this. 

Joan looking down at Lake Katherine from Santa Fe Baldy summit. 

Stewart Lake (10,232) was a bit disappointing after Lake Katherine. I don’t remember if it was worthy of a swim.

I was happy to find these cheery marsh flowers. 

Adventure Date(s):

  • May 9-10, 2018
  • Hiking Stats:


  • Plan to resupply at Santa Fe or Las Vegas; Pecos had slim pickings.
  • When near large population areas such as Santa Fe and Albuquerque, you can expect more regulations and consequences.
  • It’s always good to gather recent trail conditions reports from nearby ranger stations or visitor centers. Postings reinforce information when resource centers are closed. Many times information is not updated or available on their websites.



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