OR – Central Oregon Coast Jaunts

I’ve always enjoyed a quick visit to the coast but it’s never been a place I dreamt of living nor spending extended time. I’m a mountains girl through and through. Nevertheless, I’ve also learned to be open minded and perhaps be surprised by new perspectives. 

Hike #1 – Cape Perpetua, St Perpetua Trail

I was underwhelmed by this “best view on the Oregon Coast.” 

Hike #2 – Cascade Head Preserve 

I can tell I liked this area better as I took more photos.

Hike #3 – Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, Salal Hill Trail

I enjoyed observing the Peregrine falcons. Yes I know, crappy photo . . . 

Hike #4 – Cape Perpetua, Cook’s Ridge Trail 

I liked this forested hike better than the coastal view hikes. 

This plant intrigued me. I’d never seen anything like it. Very cool! According to Wikipedia, “Monotropa uniflora, also known as ghost plant (or ghost pipe), Indian pipe or corpse plant, is an herbaceous perennial plant. Unlike most plants, it is white and does not contain chlorophyll. Instead of generating energy from sunlight, it is parasitic, more specifically a mycoheterotroph. Its hosts are certain fungi that are mycorrhizal with trees, meaning it ultimately gets its energy from photosynthetic trees. Since it is not dependent on sunlight to grow, it can grow in very dark environments as in the understory of dense forest.

Hike #5 – Darlingtonia Wayside 

Winners of coastal life?


Tidal pools and breaking waves 

Interesting sea life 

Oh how I love the barking, sun loving, happy napping sea lions.


Farmers markets, live music, fresh fish, breweries and coffee shops in places like Newport, Florence, Bandon, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, and my favorite Yachats. 

Losers of coastal life?

I didn’t care for the marine layer mist and views, which seemed present 75% of the time. 

Gray skies, flat beaches, quiet water . . . even with the occasional bird.

The daily forecast, 40% fog, 40% drizzle, 20% sun plus 80% breezy. 



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