CA – Hat Creek Rim . . . a spring to remember

2019 shall be remembered as the year of epic snow, a winter that never quit, and rain, rain and more rain. Another memory though is vivid green. Landscapes typically showcasing primarily hues of browns were now painted green, and in the case of Hat Creek Rim, splashed in yellow.

The peaks of Lassen Volcanic National Park welcomed Nancy (WhyNot?!) and I back to Northern California. Yes my camera still has the spot but soon the camera will either be repaired or replaced.

I was giddy walking on this pine-needle trail shadowed by trees, oh trees how I’ve missed you. We felt the hug of home as we stepped on the PCT.

We found rare seasonal creeks filled with reflective pools. Oh the wildlife must be happy.

There was a wonderful display of wildflowers.

Adventure Date(s):

  • May 31, 2019


  • For great food and showers, stop at nearby JJ’s Cafe in Old Station
  • You can day hike this section starting at the Hat Creek Overlook where there is parking and restrooms. It’s about 5 miles to hike from the overlook to the Lost Creek trail junction. The overlook is located on Highway 44, three miles east of the junction of Highways 89/44.




2 thoughts on “CA – Hat Creek Rim . . . a spring to remember

  1. Thanks Jan! Your comment about the spot in the camera reminds me of Lady MacBeth’s famous line, “Out, out damn spot!” I’ve never been to these wonderful places, and am enjoying these marvelous landscapes and the beautiful wildflowers through your eyes and camera. I’m also enjoying your writing; perhaps you should write a book on your travels.

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