OR – Willamette National Forest, Tombstone Pass Trailhead

When a friend heard I was in the Central Oregon Cascades in search of wildflower hikes, she recommended the Iron Mountain/Cone Peak loop. I rate this as an A+ WOW-per-mile hike.


Tiger Lily

Owl Clover



Lupine love



The Cone Flower wasn’t blooming yet. Was Cone Peak named after the Cone Flower?

Well on this day the mountains said, nope, look at the flowers instead. Use your imagination to see Three Sisters.

Adventure Date(s):

  • July 11, 2019

Hike Details:

  • I hiked the loop counterclockwise
  • This was a slow hike with lots of photo stops
  • Signage was good and trail well maintained and easy to navigate


  • A federal recreation pass is required to park at the trailhead. It cannot be purchased on site; however, Interagency Passes (i.e. National Parks) and Northwest Forest Pass are valid (link).



10 thoughts on “OR – Willamette National Forest, Tombstone Pass Trailhead

  1. Wow, great flowers and wonderful photos!
    Purple hanging flowers look like broadleaf bluebells (Mertensia platyphylla), aka Western lungwort. They have much longer petals in NE Oregon.
    Purple bunch may be globe penstemon (Penstemon globosus).
    Long red flowers with spiky petals come up as scarlet gilia (Lpomopsis aggregata).
    USFS website for the area says “5 species of penstemon, notably the red rock penstemon” (like the red showy Keckiella corymbose in California).

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