2019 – Where Did Jan Jaunt?

It’s been another year filled with plentiful adventures. I’ve added more chapters to this book called the Life and Times of Jan. I hope you’ve been able to do the same. I life by these words of wisdom shared by an elderly gal, “spend your time making deposits into your bank of memories so later in life you can make withdrawals.”

2019 Factoids:

195 days of travel, driving about 14,000 miles while exploring 8 states

136 days spent hiking and backpacking while traveling

42 nights nights spent in my tent and 124 nights spent sleeping in my car

Thanks for following along, although as they say “all good things must come to an end.” As most of you know my photos links broke in early October and as of this date I haven’t found an easy solution. For those interested this is the situation and I’m still hoping for a Christmas miracle.

I inserted photos using URL links rather than uploading to wordpress. It appears Google changed the storage location of my photos and thus my old URL links were replaced with new ones. I wish they were only a few characters different but alas the addresses have nothing in common. I’m not the only one confronted with this problem. I found several threads in Google forums, but sadly no easy solution. These are the options I’ve found so far (remember I have 400+ blog posts needing repair).

  1. Replace all old URL links with updated URL links. This would requiring editing every post knowing most likely the links would break again at some time in the future.
  2. I can still see the original posts so I could go into each photo, select save as and download to my computer. Then upload to wordpress then replace each photo in the applicable posts. As you can imagine this too would be very time consuming. Furthermore I’d have to start paying wordpress to store these photos.
  3. Since I can still see the original posts I can save as a PDF; however, I can’t download as a PDF as those images don’t really exist. Instead I can print to file. I would then need to pay for PDF editor to make them user friendly. Then I’d have to pay for an upgraded wordpress plan so I can include a pdf viewer plugin. Then I’d have to edit each post to include the new PDF.

So as you can see these are all time consuming and expensive solutions. I’m still in denial and find this situation extremely disheartening.  I wish I could wave a magic wand or wake up Christmas morning to a restored blog.

If you know of additional solutions, please share. I’m all ears!


Travel Summaries:


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