2020: What’s stopping YOU from living YOUR BEST Life?

I recently wrote a post about stewers vs doers (link). For many it’s easy to become stuck in a type of paralysis playing the What If game making it extremely challenging to go from a stewer to a doer. I think this image puts risk into perspective.

Are you a worry wort or a carefree risk taker or more likely somewhere in between? Does your worry prevent you from doing? Does it cause you to limit your adventures? Do you weigh yourself and your pack down with the what ifs?

In a book I was reading this morning this quote stood out and seemed applicable to so many situations, “No use wasting time being afraid of something you can’t do anything about.”
My goal is to go prepared mentally, physically and with the right skills, gear and safety equipment so that I can be free to worry less, laugh more, live more, adventure more . . .
What have you done to successfully transition from spending too much time worrying to more time living? What advice do you have for others in same situation?

3 thoughts on “2020: What’s stopping YOU from living YOUR BEST Life?

  1. I am such a worrywart. Not so much about the actual adventure but mundane things like driving in the snow to the adventure. Oh and bears. I just make myself do it anyway.

    • That’s one of the reasons I respect you. YOU indeed make yourself DO IT! There are many good excuses you could use but NOPE you prioritize adventure and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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